Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Guest Speaker Steve Weldon / Champaign CCW

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Steve Weldon of CCW came to our club to speak about the Illinois Conceal Carry laws.  Steve has started a company that offers training on the topic.   He is certified by the Illinois State Police and is a certified NRA instructor.

Obtaining a conceal carry permit in Illinois requires 16 hours of classroom and range training.  Steve is going to be offering classes at the Champaign Masonic Center in January and February 2015.  More information can be found on the CCW website at:

In other business, Todd Creason distributed some new business cards that can be given out to perspective club members.  Thanks Todd!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

November Meeting Highlights

Illini High Twelve had a fantastic meeting in November.   We had several guests and a full house for lunch!
State High 12 President James Morse

State High Twelve President James Morse came to visit with some of his officers.   Brother Morse gave us an update on what was happening with High Twelve in Illinois.

WDWS/WHMS Mike "in the Morning" Haile

We also had Mike Haile, General Manager of WDWS/WHMS as our guest speaker.  Mike has had a long career in radio in Champaign-Urbana and he brought us up to date on what was happening with the radio stations.   Lot's of lively discussion.
Illini Club President Ray Cummings, presents Charlie Coffey with his membership certificate.

The Club also voted to donate $215 to the University of Illinois Veterans Care Package fund in honor of Lt. Nick Sullivan.   Lt. Sullivan was a guest speaker for the club in 2012 and worked with Illini High 12 to send care packages to Illini alumni serving in Afghanistan.   He was seriously injured in a helicopter crash in early 2014 while serving in Afghanistan himself.