Friday, September 19, 2014

Founder Gives Club History

At our September meeting, our club Treasurer gave a history of the Illini High 12 Club.   WB Todd Creason who helped found Illini High 12 gave the background as to how we became one of the fastest growing clubs in Illinois and the US.  

Brother Creason explained that one of our primary goals was to use the club as a place that members could bring prospective new members of the fraternity and introduce them to others.  The club also wanted a forum where our members could learn about what is happening in our community.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Public Defender Randy Rosenbaum - August Speaker

A big thank you to Randy Rosenbaum the Champaign County Public Defender for being our guest at our August meeting.  Randy gave an excellent talk about what the role of his office is and where it fits into the criminal justice system.  No question that he does an excellent job for the citizens of Champaign County.

Thank you to Steve Guess for arranging Randy's visit.