Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Meeting Recap

Jayne DeLuce, President & CEO
We sure had a good time today at the Illini High Twelve meeting.  Jayne DeLuce, the President and CEO of the Champaign County Convention and Visitors Bureau was our guest today.  And our new Illini High Twelve No. 768 President, Brad Cronk, rang the bell for the first time today and brought our meeting to order.

Jayne did a great job reminding all of us just how much there is to see and do in Champaign County.  She passed out some literature, including a Champaign County Visitor's Guide, and a booklet about the upcoming Corvette Show in Champaign June 28-30.  The visitor's guide is a great resource even for those of us who live here.  It's got everything in there.  Restaurants.  Events.  Theaters.  Museums.  It's easy to forget just how much there is right here in our own neck of the woods.  If you'd like a copy I'm sure the Visitor's Bureau can tell you where to get one if you call them at 800-369-6151.

Thanks for coming today, and remember, it's always appropriate to come exactly as you are, bring your spouse, or a guest (friend, relative, co-worker). And if you're coming from work, feel free to come in late, and leave when you need to.

Thanks again to Jayne, for sharing so much good information.