Thursday, December 20, 2012

Illini High Twelve Comes To The Aid Of Our Soldiers

ROTC 2nd Lieutenant Nick Sullivan
(Photo by Ron Peyton)
We had a great December meeting today.  The Illini High Twelve last month voted to take up a special collection at our December meeting to support a local cause, and we had a few ideas about the recipient of that special collection, but nothing very specific.  Out of the blue, 2nd Lieutenant Nick Sullivan contacted us about an effort the University of Illinois ROTC was embarking upon--they send Care Packages to deployed units around the world--each unit that receives these care packages are lead by an officer that is an alumni of the University of Illinois ROTC--or as we like to say "our local boys."  Many of our members are Veterans, and we thought that was a great cause.  Obviously, our members agreed. 

Nick Sullivan came today, and enjoyed lunch with us, told us about what they're doing.  They'd like to send at least six of these shipments to deployed units each year.  We raised a little more than I expected, and then a member of our club suggested we add a little more to it out of our club funds to make it nice round number, and that easily and unanimously passed--I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that it was suggested by Ray Cummings, our DDGM.  An even $300 goes a long way when buying simple basics we all take for granted, like clean socks, and simple hot food like Ramen noodles, and E-Z Mac & Cheese.  I was also very pleased that our AAGM Denver Phelps brought up the fact that he'd like to see the Illini High Twelve do more to raise monies that support other local causes as well.  That suggestion was also very well received.

And the ROTC collection is still open.  If your lodge would like to donate, or if you'd like to chip in as an individual, please contact us.  We plan on going on a little shopping trip for our troop after the new year.  I don't think we'd have raised as much as we did if it weren't for the fact that 2nd Lieutenant Nick Sullivan impressed us all, and so many of our members have been active in the military--we had a great representation today of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Vets.  They've been there, and they know what its like being so far from home.

We also had a few guests today, including a young man that was going to be raised the day of our meeting at Western Star Lodge, and we also had a guest that was a friend of one of our members.  We also voted in two more new members today--that puts us at about 40 members now.  Keep bringing your new members and friends--they are always welcome.  And remember "you don't have to join us to join us for lunch." 

For a brand new club, just chartered at our June meeting, we should all be proud of what we've accomplished in just a few months.  It can only get better over time. 

And a very special thanks to our Secretary (for life), WB Greg Knott.  He's done a tremendous job of getting this club up and running, lining up terrific speakers, and doing most of the heavy lifting involved in making the Illini High Twelve such a success right out of the gate.  When I say "we" I usually mean Greg.  Any Secretary knows how that works--when the Master of the any Lodge I've visited says "we" he's usually talking about something the Secretary needs to do.  And we've got a really terrific Secretary in Greg Knott without doubt. 

And another idea Greg had that's a good one--a "Happy Hour."  I failed to bring it up today, but I think it's something that would be a lot of fun for our members.  To get together in an even more casual environment (if there is such a thing).  We'll be setting one of these up soon, and see how it goes. 

Thanks again, to all our members for their generosity in making our first "special collection" such a rousing success.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Illini ROTC to visit Illini High 12

At our next meeting Thursday Dec. 20 we will have guests from the University of Illinois ROTC to talk about their programs and a special effort Illini ROTC has for care packages.  We will be accepting donations in our Red School House.

Bring a friend or spouse to this meeting.