Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Great Story About Our Club . . .

I visited St. Joseph Lodge No. 970 on Monday night--they had a first degree.  It was a young guy, a Master's Degree student from the University of Illinois.  I was asked to sit with him in the Preparation Room while they opened up the lodge and I got talking to him.  I was curious how he came to petition St. Joseph Lodge--I believe he's from Massachusetts.  One thing that helped him decide to petition was that he was invited to attend a meeting, and had an opportunity to meet a few Master Masons.

You'll never guess what meeting he attended that helped him decide to petition?  That's right--he attended an Illini High Twelve meeting where he met several Masons that made an impression on him, including Greg Knott.

This is exactly the goal Greg and I had in mind when we first started talking about putting a High Twelve club together.  Not only to have a fun meeting to attend each month, hear an interesting speaker, and perhaps raise a little money for some good causes--but to advance Masonry by using it to get potential Masons interested in joining, and get new Masons better networked and more active in the Craft right in the beginning. And obviously, it can work that way--and has at least once already.

So... we have a meeting this Thursday.  Is their a friend or co-worker you'd like to invite?


Monday, November 12, 2012

Reminder: November Meeting

This is a reminder that the Illini High Twelve will have it's monthly meeting this Thursday, November 15th, at the Urbana Garden Restaurant.  Our guest speaker this month is Patty Walters, the Exective Vice President of Clinical Services at the Developmental Services Center.  She'll talk about some of the services her organization provides to the community. 

We hope to see you there!