Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Meeting Notes

Dr. Tom Ramage, Parkland College (photo by Bro. Ron Peyton)
We had a very good meeting today, and a great turn-out! We would like to thank Dr. Tom Ramage, the President of Parkland College, for joining us and telling us about some of the things that are going on at the college. I think everyone had a very good time. And he seemed to have enjoyed himself as well--in fact, I invited him to join us next month.  Next month, Brad Uken, the Manager of the Champaign County Farm Bureau will be joining us for lunch. 

See you next month!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reminder: July 19th Meeting

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is at noon on July 19th at Urbana Garden Restaurant at I-74 and Lincoln Avenue.  We will have a special guest--Dr. Tom Ramage, the President of Parkland College.  Don't forget to bring your spouse, or invite a friend to come along with you.

In August, our special guest will be Brad Uken, manager of the Champaign County Farm Bureau will be attending our meeting.  He will be able to answer question about the Illinois drought, the farm bill, and any other Illinois agriculture questions our members may have.  That too should be an interesting meeting.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.